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Shop in Dubai And Other Global Markets, At the Comfort of Your Home

shop global

You can now shop in Dubai and other international markets for your favorite electronics. This month, Omaar Marketplace launched global shopping to give Kenyan consumers access to product models that usually don’t get to the African market. The introduction of a global category will give consumers variety, and the privilege to shop globally at the comfort of their homes.

Let’s dive deeper into what global shopping involves…

How to Shop Global Online

We have introduced a Shop Global category on our online store where you can explore all available global products. You can shop for home theatre systems, TVs, accessories, and other electronics online. We have introduced global shopping in the same environment you are familiar with, with similar checkout processes. Once you have loaded your cart, you will prepay for your products via Mpesa or card through a secure payment gateway.

Product Quality of Global Shopping Products

From our interactions with clients, one of the prominent issues that have discouraged global shopping is product quality. Often, what was in display on a global shop was different from what was delivered. To cure for this, we have gone the extra length to build solid partnerships with verified vendors from top brands across the world. Through our partnerships, we provide you with competitively priced and quality products.

How are your Global Orders Delivered?

Consumers cite order delivery as a key influencer of online shopping behavior. With this in mind, we have aligned our global order deliveries to give you a rich shopping experience. Global orders are fulfilled in 21 days and delivered at your doorstep across the country. We are committed to keeping the fastest delivery times in the industry. We continue to build strong relationships with our logistics partners to continuously improve our delivery process.

What is the Return Policy for Global Shopping?

What happens if you a faulty product? We acknowledge the uncertainties of shipping and have made effort to mitigate against it. We have a 7-day return policy for defective products when you shop global. Currently, global products are not covered for warranty.


What to Expect in the Future with the Shop Global Category?

We expect global orders to increase as ecommerce continues to grow in Kenya. To meet this demand, we continue to build partnerships with top brands to increase product range. Through our logistics partners, we are also increasing coverage to include more international markets to source products. We are currently expanding our category offering to explore fashion and health and well being products. Our goal is to give consumers a one-stop shop where they get value for money and an unforgettable experience.


The ecommerce industry has gained consumer confidence. Consumers are not only shopping online from local online stores but also from international stores like Amazon and Alibaba. This shows a gap in product offering with the current local players. By introducing the global category, we aim to keep Omaar Marketplace at the forefront of enriching customer experience, with more products on offer and efficient delivery of orders.

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