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Let’s talk about the HUAWEI Y9 PRIME (2019)

The midnight black Huawei Y9 Prime

Now the Huawei Y9 prime 2019 was released as a successor  to the Huawei Y9 2019 that was released in October 2018. The Y series is Huawei’s presence in the mid-ranger market. Phones just shy of the budget section and below the expensive premium flagships in the Mate and P series. As the trend, Huawei releases 2 devices in  the Y series within one year -the normal Y comes first then the Y prime follows and that takes the predecessor to the next level.  Now that we got  that little background story out of the way,  lets dive in to the HUAWEI Y9 PRIME (2019).


The best way to start this would be with the unboxing experience and what you get included in the box. In the box you’re greeted by the phone itself, a sim ejector tool, a clear soft silicon case, a standard charging adapter (Sadly not a fast charger), a USB Type-C connecting cable, a pair of headphones and some paperwork.

The Huawei Y9 Prime Box


On to the body dimensions. The Huawei Y9 prime sports a combination of glass  on the front and a plastic two toned back. The phone has an oleophobic coating on its front glass which Huawei calls “Huawei ultra fullview Display”  and this coating means less fingerprint smudges and extended durability of the screen from scratches. You get a  6.59 inch IPS LCD  screen with 84.3% screen to body ratio and a 1080×2340 resolution.

The volume rocker and power button are on the right. A headphone jack,speaker grill and USB type C charging port at the bottom. A rear mounted fingerprint scanner and the triple camera lens set up on the back of the phone. The phone weighs 196.8g and comes in either the 64GB or 128GB variants both with 4GB RAM and expandable with up to 1TB external storage.  You also get to choose between a single or dual  SIM version . Color-wise you get to choose between Emerald Green, Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue.


The Huawei Y9 prime comes with Android 9 pie and 4GB of RAM. Running the phone Hisilicon Kirin 710F (12 nm) chipset/processor and EMUI 9.1. Powering its internals is a 4000mAh battery. The huawei Y9 prime is well equipped and capable of handle anything you throw at it be it just normal day today usage or vigorous aggressive use.  In terms of multi tasking, the phone can keep apps open longer in the background so that you can pick up where you left instead of restarting the apps and apps will also open without any stutter. Under heavy usage, the phone will heat up considerably but not to a dangerous level. In my tests,  the Huawei Y9 prime did not lag to a terrible extreme level that needed to restart the phone. Occasionally, I’d experience those 2 long seconds in launching an app or the screen freezing and not responding. Again not awfully though. In fact just to put it in perspective, it can lag 2 out of 100 times and that’s under extremely strenuous usage.

Huawei Y9 Prime camera set up


Now on to the camera . Here we have a lot to talk about and Just a side note worth noting, if you’re in the market for a phone the huawei Y series, go for the Huawei Y9 prime. The  Huawei Y9 has a rear triple camera set up comprising of a 16 megapixel f/1.8 wide angle camera, 8 megapixel ultra wide, 2 megapixel f/2.4 depth sensor and a 16 megapixel f/2.0 front camera.  Video-wise, the Huawei Y9 prime can record up to 1080p  on both the front and rear cameras. That might be a short coming since the phone has the hardware capable of shooting 4K.

Furthermore, these days phones in the same price point from other manufacturers like Sony and Nokia are putting out phones that can record video in 4K. Nevertheless, video footage from the huawei Y9 is good, has good clarity and sound, balanced colors and can record in HDR. Recording on the standard angle camera on the Huawei allows you to initially fit a lot in one shot and and if you want to take it to the next level, you can shoot video from the wide angle camera that allows you to fit a lot more in the video.  However the phone doesn’t have Optical image stabilization built in to it’s lenses thus videos will have some shakiness in them.


On to the selfies. The Huawei Y9 prime sports a pop us camera that rises anytime you want to take a selfie. Huawei have rated it to go up and down 100,000 times before it starts malfunctioning. There’s also a clever protection mechanism built into the camera that retracts the camera when the phone detects a drop.

Selfies captured on the Huawei Y9 prime leave more to be desired. The front lens specifications raise your expectations that the selfies will be good but something about it’s image processing is just off. That’s something that can and will be improved with future updates but its not a good impression right out of the gate.  Don’t get me wrong, the photos are good, just lacking in detail. A 7/10. A lot of work still needs to go into that edge detection technology so that the blur doesn’t spill into the object in focus so until Huawei send an update to fix that, lets hold the applause. On the flip side though, The Huawei Y9 prime covers up for its lack of a wide angle selfie mode by just allowing you to fit more into one shot in the standard selfie.


On to the rear camera photos taken with the standard angle are pleasing to look at. The phone captures good levels of detail and does a good job capturing the colors as they are. On wide angle shots, nothing is blown out and detail is good. In portrait mode, object focus and the edge detection is on point. An advantage of having a dedicated camera lens for depth sensing.  Dark mode on the Huawei Y9 prime is also very impressive. Images taken at night are crisp, clear and of good detail.


So lets wrap this up with a spec sheet.

1. The 4000mAh  battery will see you through your day. In my tests, more often than not I would end the day with at least 24% left. Which is good.

2. The performance. From gaming to normal usage to continuous photography ,even editing videos and pictures on the go; the kirin 710F chipset and 4 GB of RAM will deliver the performance you need.

3. The camera. The phone does have great camera specs both on paper and out in the wild. Images are of good quality. Its shortcomings will be fixed with an update.

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